Jason Boyd
Seaside Hall of Fame Committee Member
December, 2023
Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Seaside High School

Seaside Hall of Fame Jumps Into the 21st Century

“History is important! I can’t believe the new school won’t honor its hall of famers.”  This was the general community sentiment when it was announced that the new high school would not include the 298 20x24 inch plaques commemorating the Seaside High School Hall of Fame inductees.  A four year search began to come up with a suitable way to display the inductees.  The Hall of Fame committee searched multiple sites across the PNW to gather ideas.  Standalone kiosks seemed to be the most popular option. As the committee pondered the options three questions needed to be answered.  First, how easy is the kiosk to use?  Most of the people who want to access the Hall of Fame information are not the most tech savvy.  Heck eighty percent of the Hall of Fame committee is not tech savvy, so they understand all too well the frustration of getting information via new technology.  Second, the issue was the ease of adding information now and in the future.  The kiosk systems are standalone and updating them is entirely on the owner.  The third issue was cost.  The standalone kiosk is a one time expense so that was a positive.

Ultimately, the Seaside High School Hall of Fame Committee decided to go with Rocket Alumni.  Their website based system answered the committee’s three questions better than any other system.  The next issue was how to pay for a system that was going to be more expensive.  The committee contacted a few community partners and asked for annual donations on a five year commitment.  Five donors were selected and there is a waiting list.  The idea was to keep the Hall of Fall wall focus on the inductees and not the sponsors.  Keeping it exclusive at five covers the cost of the Rocket Alumni website.  Each donor in turn received a 20x30 framed poster recognizing them as a Seaside High School Hall of Fame donor and a QR code that directs patrons to the hall of fame website.  Each donor has displayed the poster in their business.  They also have a dedicated page on the video monitor itself.  One sponsor has purchased a touch screen so they can provide complete easy access to their patrons.

The community response to the new digital hall of fame has been incredibly positive.  Especially with our older population.  They are amazed at how easy it is to navigate and find what they are looking for.  Our student population has also been infatuated with the hall of fame video monitor.  It consistently has students standing at it viewing the content.  The students really love the access to all our yearbooks.

Checkout the Seaside Hall of Fame here.