The Product Team
Rocket Alumni Solutions
October 16, 2023
Press Release

Rocket Alumni Solutions Announces Partnership With YearbookScanning.com

Rocket partners with YearbookScanning.com to provide exclusive discounts on high-quality PDF yearbook scans integrated into Wall of Fame systems

BOSTON, Mass. – Rocket Alumni Solutions Inc. today announced a new partnership with YearbookScanning.com, which becomes Rocket’s Official Yearbook Scanning Partner. Through the partnership, Rocket customers will receive exclusive discounted pricing and white-glove service on high-quality PDF yearbook scans, which are seamlessly integrated into Rocket touchscreen Wall of Fame systems. Rocket is proud to continue to deliver on its commitment to provide the best alumni recognition tools for its customer schools and colleges.

Discount Information:

10% off orders of 50 yearbooks or more

5% off orders of any size

Rocket customers should contact support@rocketalumnisolutions.com to take advantage.

"We appreciate the value that these yearbooks hold for institutions that have published them throughout the years,” said Mark Honig, CEO of YearbookScanning.com. “As we have worked with thousands of schools all across the USA over the last decade, we've perfected a process in which yearbooks are digitized to high-quality images, all via a non-destructive process so they can be returned intact. We are excited to partner with the Rocket team to bring a seamless process to their customer base, so more can benefit from our collaboration of services".

“We are excited to announce our partnership with YearbookScanning.com,” said Chase McKee, Founder & CEO of Rocket Alumni Solutions. “We often think about the idea of the digital trophy case, but yearbooks are also a huge part of alumni recognition. Over the years many Rocket clients have successfully digitized decades of yearbooks with YearbookScanning.com, and we’re proud to bring this important tool, along with exclusive pricing, to our customers moving forward.”

About Rocket Alumni Solutions:

Rocket Alumni Solutions provides a critical tool for over 400 educational institutions to create a digital home for plaques and trophies, yearbooks, Hall of Fame inductees, class composites, and much more–all living on interactive touchscreens that are easily installed in athletic and academic facilities. Rocket’s technology makes it easy to build a museum-quality touchscreen Wall of Fame, rendering dusty, overstuffed trophy cases obsolete. Rocket is proud to work with many types of organizations–from all levels of college athletics including Division I universities like Maryland and Virginia Tech, to high schools large and small, to professional associations like the PGA Tour.